Cafe Vidal Coffee Co. Story
Coffee can see a lot of hands before it makes its way to your home. But not ours. We source directly from farms that we’ve visited. When our beans arrive here in the U.S., they come from a single source and are roasted in micro batches right here in Miami.

We believe that drinking coffee shouldn’t be rushed and we extend that same philosophy to how we handle our micro batch roastery. Every Friday is roasting day so that our beans, like us, can rest for the weekend and be shipped out on Monday. We are proud to be single-origin sourcers of some of the best quality beans in the world.

Even amongst the frenzied pace in the most bustling of cities, look around and you’ll find that coffee calms. Whether it’s at a sidewalk cafe in Havana or on a park bench here in Miami, coffee brings us all our own personal moment of quiet.

When we sit with a cup of coffee, we’re grateful for the solitude it brings. It frees us of our worries, if just for a few moments.

We hope that’s what our coffee will do for you.

– The Vidals